Advancing Veteran and public health
through innovative research

Mark Holodniy, MD

Dr. Holodniy is the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Dr. Robert L. Jesse Award for Excellence in Innovation. Dr. Holodniy from our VHA Public Health National Program Office has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to “Advancing Veteran Well-being through “Recognizing VHA Public Health’s Outstanding Innovation and Impact.”

Dr. Holodniy visionary leadership and significant contributions to advancing care delivery and service within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) with mission-driven innovation, particularly in response to the pandemic, showcases his exceptional vision and dedication to improving standards of care for Veterans. He has established relationships with various agencies and organizations, including the CDC (Center of Disease Control), DoD (Department of Defense), NIH (National Institute of Health), and other federated partners and academic affiliates. His leadership roles in local, regional, and national non-VA professional organizations and committees demonstrate his dedication to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Through these collaborations, Dr. Mark Holodniy has played a vital role in advancing the mission of the VA and improving the standards of care for all Veterans. His exceptional work includes developing and replicating pioneering tools and solutions such as the Public Health Surveillance Software tool, Bio-Sequencing Software tool, and Climate Change Data Tracking Tool. These innovations have profoundly and positively impacted the value of care veterans receive locally, throughout the VISN, and within VHA. His unwavering dedication to improving healthcare for our veterans has not only transformed our organization but has set a remarkable standard for innovation in the field. This recognition is a testament to Dr. Holodniy's brilliance, creativity, and commitment to our mission. It is an honor that genuinely reflects his extraordinary contributions to improving veterans' well-being.

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2024 AMSUS Award Winner

Congratulations to Dr. Mark Holodniy for winning the 2024 AMSUS Research & Development Award! This distinguished honor recognizes individuals who have made significant discoveries or contributions in federal, public health, or VA health research and development. Through his work as the Director of the VHA’s Public Health National Program Office, Dr. Holodniy has has been a driving force in advancing cutting-edge healthcare initiatives. His visionary leadership on HIV, COVID-19, and mpox, among other diseases, have had positive impacts on millions of Veterans.

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