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Employee Referral Program

I.        PURPOSE: To define the process for the PAVIR employee referral program.

II.        POLICY: It is the policy that PAVIR will provide a $100 gift card to current employees who refer qualified candidates who are hired by PAVIR.


  1. For the purpose of the employee referral program, a “candidate” is anyone who is not currently employed by PAVIR.
  2. All current employees are eligible to receive a referral bonus, except employees in the PAVIR HR Department (HR), managers and above, or supervisory personnel who have direct responsibility for filling a position within their team.
  3. The referral process will be activated via the PAVIR online application process.  The applicant must provide the name of the current PAVIR employee who referred them to the position when they submit their resume.
  4. Referred candidates who are hired must be employed for at least 30 days before the referring employee may be eligible to receive a $100 gift card.
  5. Both the referring employee and the referred candidate must be active employees at the time the gift card is awarded.
  6. The value of the gift card will be recorded in the payroll system and taxed as an “imputed income fringe benefit.”
  7. Additional procedures include:
    • Gift cards are awarded at the discretion of the PAVIR Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or designee.
    • Any disputes arising from this program will be resolved by the CEO or designee.
    • Funding for the referral program will come from PAVIR Administrative funds.
    • HR will monitor the use of the program and report annually to the CEO.
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