Personalized Walking Training to Reduce Pain from Knee Osteoarthritis

Brief study description:

The VA Palo Alto and Stanford University Human Performance Lab are recruiting adults of all ages to participate in a research study investigating the effects of a non-surgical treatment for knee osteoarthritis. Participants in this study will be asked to learn a personalized walking pattern, which may reduce their knee pain. Those interested should currently be able to walk for at least 25 consecutive minutes, experience knee pain most days of the week, and have the desire to become more active.

Additional information:
  • The duration of this study is 12 months. Participants will be asked to visit VA Palo Alto and Stanford University on multiple occasions during this time.
  • Participants should have a clinical diagnosis of knee osteoarthritis, and have substantial knee pain most days of the week. Pain should be primarily located on the medial side of the knee (see picture).
  • Participants should be able to walk a minimum of 25 minutes without rest, and without the use of a cane or assistive device.
  •  Participants will be compensated $350, disbursed at various time points throughout the 12 months of participation.

Exclusion criteria:
  • BMI greater than 35
  • Inability to receive an MRI
  • Nerve or muscle disease that affects your lower extremity pain, sensation, or the way you walk
  • Use of narcotics for any reason
  • Plans for a knee replacement surgery or other major surgery within the next 12 months

How can I participate?

For more information, please contact the Stanford Human Performance Lab:

Phone: 650-721-2547
Note: Email should not be used to communicate sensitive information