June 19, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

It is startling to realize that we are two-thirds of the way through FY19 and days away from the official beginning of summer. However, VAPAHCS’ research community’s proposal, award, publication, and travel activities keep us aware of the quick passage of time and busy. Eight months into 2019, you have submitted 78 sponsored research proposals and received 26 awards; you can read about the awards we have received since March elsewhere in this newsletter. Congratulations, and thank you! Nevertheless, we are always eager to work on and submit more proposals and to accept more awards. We are dependent on growth in awards and spending to fund increases in administrative operating costs.

As I wrote to PIs on June 13, we are increasing the July PI ADM funds distribution from 4% to 6%. This restoration of a portion of the previously discussed reduction means that the 6% July distribution will be the same as the 6% distribution in April. I understand and appreciate the meaning and value of the PI ADM funds distribution to you – how unique they are and how important they are to your research program and you. I did not take the decision to reduce the PI ADM funds distribution lightly, and I am committed to protecting these funds for your use. We can restore a portion of the funding because of the projected year-end budget outcome; the decisions we have made and actions we have taken to manage the budget have had the intended impact and have resulted in a much better than budgeted projection. While we still project to end the year with a budget deficit, it is manageable. We will have more difficult choices to make as we develop a balanced budget for FY20, yet I am confident that we will realize our goals.

I want to remind you that PI ADM funds that were in your account balance on September 30, 2018, as well as those distributed to you in FY19 – including the July distribution – must be spent no later than August 31, 2019, or they will be reabsorbed for central services and support. Your CGAs are eager to work with you to develop a plan to utilize fully the funds before August 31, 2019; please work with them. Here is a link to the policy identifying how the funds can be used.  I prefer that you use these funds to support your research activities than we sweep them back into the central accounts.  https://pavir.net/policies/administrative-accounts-for-indirect-costs/

We have recently released PAVIR’s FY18 Annual Report. You can access the Annual Report at: https://pavir.net/public/docs/pavir-annual-report-fy2018.pdf

I hope you enjoy reading about PAVIR’s news and some of the remarkable activities that make PAVIR a vibrant community. As we work through 2019 together, I want to thank you for your ongoing partnership and support of PAVIR.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Latest News
VAPAHCS Research Week 
PAVIR recently participated in the VAPAHCS 2019 Research Week.
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Carrot Coupons
We hope you’re enjoying the Carrot Coupons provided to PAVIR employees as part of PAVIR’s health and wellness program! As a reminder, the Palo Alto VA Farmers Market is open every Wednesday in front of building 100. If you haven’t received your $40 in Carrot Coupons yet, please bring an ID and stop by PAVIR HR to pick it up!
For more information about this program, please
click here.

Funds for this program were generously provided by United Healthcare.
HR Update - Departing Employees
Penalties for Final Checks
Please notify HR and Payroll at least one week in advance of an employee leaving your lab so that we can process the check on time. California law dictates that employees must receive their final paycheck, in full and on time, at the conclusion of their employment. If an employer misses the deadline, the employee is entitled to a penalty of one day's pay for each day the employer is late.
Payroll Time Card Approval
There has been a high number of unapproved payroll time cards. 

Please follow the time card approval process as outlined here:  Time Card Approval Process
Stanford Federal Credit Union
PAVIR is pleased to announce we now offer all employees the benefit of access to the Stanford Federal Credit Union. 
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Animal Technician Job Opening
We have a full-time opening for an Animal Technician II at the Veterinary Medical Unit (VMU) who has experience providing care to research animals in a research setting. 
Details can be found at:  https://pavir.applicantpro.com/jobs/. 

Reminder: Share our job postings with your friends and receive a $100 referral bonus for each person who gets hired!
Stanford IT Support
Those affiliated with the Stanford School of Medicine are entitled to support with University-owned devices from the Information Resources & Technology (IRT) group at Stanford.  On the grounds of VA Palo Alto, that assistance is usually personified by Ed Lee, who has been ably supporting joint VA/Stanford appointees for many years.  Ed’s position within IRT gives those at VAPAHCS the benefit of back-up coverage by other team members when Ed is away from our site.
In addition to help with Stanford devices, medical school affiliates using personally-owned devices can be given advice and instruction on getting devices compliant with security requirements in order to access the Stanford network and Stanford resources.
Please contact the IRT help desk at (650) 725-8000.  Or submit a Service Now ticket at:  https://stanford.service-now.com/services?id=get_help
If you're on the university campus, visit the Stanford TechBar on the ground floor in the Lane Library from 8am-6pm. 
New Electronic Devices and Services Policy
This new policy is effective June 12, 2019.
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Greetings to New Faces
PAVIR welcomes the following new employees. 
Carla Coelho
Jessilyn Froelich
Mary Fuega
Joey Garrido
Eric Granucci
Karina Hissen
Rita Hitching
Christine Hoang
Lily Jeong
Bianca Johnson
Anya Knoth
Mitra Kothari
Alex Kou
Timothy Lee
Peter Louras
Madeleine Miller
Christy Munson
Huy Nguyen
Silvana Paredes
Griselda Ramos
CR Research Coordinator II
CR Research Assistant II
LS Animal Technician II
Associate Director of Research Administration
LS Research Assistant II
LS Animal Technician II
Editorial Assistant
LS Project Manager I
CR Neuroimaging Data Research Associate
CR Research Assistant I
CR Research Assistant I
CR Clinical Researcher
CR Research Assistant II
CR Research Coordinator I
CR Research Assistant II
CR Research Assistant II
LS Research Assistant I
LS Research Associate I
LS Research Associate I
LS Lab Animal Research Manager
Recent Awards
PI Project Title Sponsor  Amount 
Eugene Butcher, Ph.D. Characterizing the New Immune Cell Population Identified in the Developing Gut of Neonatal Mice Crohn's & Colitis Foundation  $25,890
David Clark, M.D., Ph.D. Autoimmune Determinants of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome RSDSA  $129,093
Paige Fox, M.D., Ph.D. Wireless Biodegradable Flexible Sensor for Blood Flow Monitoring The PSF and The ASRM  $10,000
Shai Friedland, M.D. Research Study of the CellMax Life CTC and ctDNA Platforms for the Early Detection of CRC, Advanced Adenomas, and Precancerous Lesions CellMax Life  $80,000
David Gaba, M.D. IMPACTS: Improving Medical Performance During Acute Crises Through Simulation (Administrative Phase) AHRQ  $157,060
Harlan Pinto, M.D. VA Palo Alto NAVIGATE Cancer Clinical Trials Program NCI  $326,088
Thomas A. Rando, M.D., Ph.D. Effects of senescent cell clearance in aged mice Rubedo Life Sciences  $7,197
William Robinson, M.D., Ph.D. Early IM006-016 ACPA Analysis Bristol-Myers Squibb  $215,851
Raymond Sobel, M.D. Repertoire selection of AQP4-specific T cells that cause CNS autoimmune disease NIH / NIAID  $105,995
Phil Tsao, Ph.D. Underlying Mechanisms Regulating the Effects of Inhaled Nicotine Upon AAA TRDRP  $1,035,000
Julie Weitlauf, Ph.D. Detection of Elder Abuse Through Emergency Care Technicians (DETECT) NIH / NIAID  $62,718
Celina Yong, M.D., MSC, MBA Prospective, Multicenter, Single-Arm, Global IDE Study of the Shockwave Coronary Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) System with the Shockwave C2 Coronary IVL Catheter in Calcified Coronary Arteries (Disrupt CAD III Study) Shockwave Medical  $30,000
Upcoming Holidays
PAVIR will be closed on the following dates: 
  • Thursday, July 4 - Independence Day
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