Zeiss 710 Scanning Laser Confocal Microscope

Equipment name:

Zeiss 710 Scanning Laser Confocal Microscope

Brief description:
The Zeiss 710 Scanning Laser Confocal Microscope allows for high-resolution microscopy and image capture with depth selectivity.

Building 100, Room F4-211A

Main contact:
Danielle Wenemoser + senior members of Rando lab at X63731

Open for all VA appointed researchers and VA R&D approved projects, lab requires new users to check in with Danielle for training.

Cost to use:
None at this time.

Other information:
Given the delicate nature of microscopes, users are expected to be gentle with the equipment and clean up after use.  MICROSCOPY SAFE cleaning supplies/methods are a must.  Users must not make major adjustments/service/disassemble or remove parts from the microscope without permission from the lab.  Please check with the lab to ensure the correct lasers/filters are available and installed before use in fluorescence experiments.