Philip Tsao, Ph.D.

bod-Tsao-PhilipPhilip Tsao, Ph.D.
Associate Chief of Staff/ Research; PAVIR Investigator

Dr. Tsao is the Associate Chief of Staff/Research at the VAPAHCS; and has an academic appointment as Professor (Research) in Medicine – Cardiovascular Medicine at Stanford University.  He earned his Ph.D in Cardiovascular Physiology at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA in 1991. Dr. Tsao completed his Post-doc in Cardiovascular Medicine in 1995, and subsequently joined the faculty at Stanford University in 2002.

Dr. Tsao’s primary research interests are in understanding the molecular underpinnings of vascular disease as well as assessing disease risk. His laboratory uses a wide range of biochemical, molecular and physiological techniques to make primary observations in cell systems as well as preclinical models. Furthermore, his research work is aimed at extending its findings to human subjects in order to confirm their clinical applicability.  In this vein, a major focus of his research is related to the VA funded Million Veteran Program, a national VA effort to consolidate genetic, military exposure, health, and lifestyle information together in one single database.  The trailblazing underpinning of this program is that by identifying gene-health connections, it could advance more effective, personalized therapies.

Dr. Tsao enjoys teaching the next generation of researchers, as indicated by this academic lectures and guidance of numerous students’ independent studies.  He was recognized for his love of teaching by the Department of Medicine Teaching award, Stanford, in 2003.  He continues to publish his work in first tier publications such as the Annual Review of Medicine, and Science Translational Medicine