Get Involved: Study Participation

Thank you for your interest in clinical studies conducted at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System (VAPAHCS).

Much of the clinical research depends on the generous participation of patients and healthy volunteers to learn more about how to support health care for veterans and society at large.  All innovation begins with asking questions and learning more about the unknown. Participating in clinical research is one of the ways to get involved with Driving Veterans Health Innovation.

While PAVIR is engaged with many clinical studies, not all are seeking additional volunteers.  Check back every few weeks to see which study is actively recruiting study participants.  Studies outlined below include information on what is being researched, and what kind of study participants are necessary to address the study’s research question.  Remember that you always have the option to disengage from research, even after you formally agreed to become part of a study.

PAVIR only supports research studies approved by the VAPAHCS Research & Development Committee.

For PIs:  Guidelines to post recruitment information >

anxiety-stress-seniors-tmbAnxiety and Stress Treatment for Adults Age 60+ Years

This project is designed to help people learn to manage anxiety and stress. It uses a psychological treatment that you participate in by watching videos on a portable DVD player. The study is 8 weeks long. It involves 2 ½ hours of testing now and again at the end of treatment. Each testing session pays $30 for a total of $60 for completing both testing sessions. LEARN MORE >

Non-Pharmacologic Treatments for Chronic Pain in Gulf War Illness

A Multi-modal Evaluation of the Comparative Efficacy of Yoga versus a Patient-Centered Support Group for Treating Chronic Pain in Gulf War Illness. Our goal is to compare the efficacy of yoga to treat chronic pain in GWI with a behavioral treatment involving standard pain-reducing exercises. LEARN MORE >

A Combined Training Program for Veterans with Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment

Study participants needed for exercise and memory training in older veterans with memory problems.This research project is being done by researchers at VA Palo Alto. It combines physical exercise and memory training with the goal of improving memory in people 50 to 90, who have mild memory problems. LEARN MORE >

understanding-depression-tmbThe RAD Project: Understanding Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression touch all of us. Yet, the understanding of anxiety and depression remains limited.There are still some myths, such as the idea that successful people are “immune” from depression, and that treatment can rely solely on “trying harder”. LEARN MORE >

Computerized Brain Training for Well-Being in Veterans

Individuals that have experienced very stressful life events often develop symptoms of anxiety and depression as a result of trauma. Our aim with this study is to explore computer-based exercises to improve cognitive functioning and emotional processing in veterans with trauma-related mental health symptoms (such as worry, fear, sadness, and anger). LEARN MORE >

fes-rower-20150227-3Skeletal Health in the Lower Limbs Following Spinal Cord Injury

Volunteers needed for a research study on bone health after spinal cord injury. Researchers at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System are looking for volunteers to participate in a VA funded study about changes in bone health following spinal cord injury. All participants will receive four bone density scans over a 9-month period and some participants will also take part in a rowing exercise program 3 times per week for 9 months which will use electrical stimulation of the legs muscle to perform the rowing action.