Current Needs

It is a long journey before an aspiring researcher can successfully apply for grant funding and establish a laboratory in her/his own name.

Most early career scientists who wish to make research the focal point of their professional future, join the laboratory of an established researcher. During this time, these highly educated and focused individuals work under the direction of their mentor.

Competition for grant funding, especially from federal agencies, is high with less than 1 out of 10 proposals selected for funding.  To help support the professional growth of early career scientist PAVIR is creating a Peer-to-Peer Program.

We want to make it possible for aspiring scientists to travel to national conferences, where they would be expected to present their own work, and network with experts in their field.  Because their mentor’s funding is usually limited to the performance of the approved research, it can be difficult to financially support attendance of national conferences and meetings.  Nonetheless, discussing one’s ideas and preliminary results with experts outside of the home laboratory is necessary to elevate one’s work.

The concept of the Peer-to-Peer program includes that applications for these funds be reviewed and selected by peers.  We believe that the review process itself is an important training opportunity for our local early career scientist.   The program will be administratively supported by PAVIR, but we are seeking donations for conference registration fees and travel expenses.   Depending on the location and type of the conference, total cost will range between $800 and $1,500.

If you wish to support this program, please indicate Peer-to-Peer Program in the purpose section of your donation form.