Flow Cytometry Core – Introduction

Palo Alto Veteran’s Affair (VA) Flow Cytometry Core

The Palo Alto VA Flow Cytometry Core helps researchers who require extensive characterization or high purity isolation of cells using fluorescent tagging of markers from cells of various tissues. The Palo Alto VA Flow Cytometry Core is supported in part by the Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research and the National Institute of Health. We accommodate a number of research disciplines including immunology, stem cell biology, pathology, cardiology and much more. Our core exists to provide VA affiliated researchers the flow cytometry and cell sorting services and to teach researchers appropriate and important techniques in flow cytometry. Users may have their samples run with the assistance of the core or may obtain training so that they can run the flow cytometers and sorters independently. The Palo Alto VA Flow Cytometry Core also seeks to bring the flow cytometry users at the VA together and foster collaboration between many of the diverse disciplines present here at the VA in Palo Alto and Stanford University.

Researchers who want to use the Palo Alto VA Flow Cytometry Core will have to contact Dr. Corey Cain. After users have demonstrated proficiency in the use of the flow cytometers, users will be granted access to the Google calendar scheduling system. PI’s are responsible for supplying the core with basic supplies in accordance to the usage on the machines. Normal hours are Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM. If you need after hours/weekend usage, please contact Corey. Users trained to use the equipment independently can utilize it after normal business hours.

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