Flow Cytometry Core – User Information

User Information


The Flow Cytometers and Cell Sorters are available to VA Investigator laboratory personnel and their affiliates who have VA funding, been cleared by the WOC process, or who have checked in with the police and obtained a temporary badge and escort. Users sign up for time on a calendar available through gmail. In order to gain access to the calendar, new users must contact Brandon Carter. Prior to independent use of the instrumentation, extensive training on the software and procedures for proper start up/sorting/shut down must be scheduled with Brandon and usually requires up to three or more training sessions.

Cost to use core facilities:

For the remainder of this fiscal year, there is no direct cost or hourly usage rate to individual users or labs. The facility is supported in its entirety by the VA and PAVIR except for the cost of supplies which is split among the laboratories proportional to their usage, which averages out to $2-3/hr. Because of this, VA lab researchers are the sole users unless approved on a case by case basis through PAVIR.

New Users Information:

Please complete the following items to obtain access to the VA Flow Cytometry Core and start using the flow cytometers:

  1. Obtain WOC clearance and verify your lab has VA funding.
  2. Complete the VA Flow Cytometry Core Registration Sheet
  3. Read the Rules and Regulations of the VA Flow Cytometry Core, sign, and return the sheet the Brandon Carter via email or in person to the VA Flow Cytometry Core located in Building 101 Room B4-115.
  4. Complete BD Flow Cytometry E-Course and self evaluation tests. (approx. 1.5-2hrs)
  5. Familiarize yourself with the SOPs for the start-up and shut down procedures of the Flow Cytometers and Cell Sorters.
  6. Schedule a series of training sessions (3 for the Aria; 2 for the LSR) with Brandon to get orientated on the LSRs or Aria II and III sorters, trainings are limited to 3 people at one time. You will be assigned a BookMyLab user name and password and together, you and Brandon will schedule training sessions. Trainings will occur in the mornings from 9AM to 12noon (M-W for the Arias; R-F for the LSRs). Sessions may take more than two weeks to schedule so plan accordingly!
  7. Note that experience and proficiency with the instruments and their software are required to be extended sorting and analysis privileges beyond normal business hours. New users should plan to schedule five unassisted startup/sample-processing/shutdown sessions during normal business hours to prove competence before they will be allowed to use the flow cytometers after normal business hours, on weekends and/or on holidays. These privileges are granted using the BookMyLab software package.